2022 Marrakesh E-Prix

Sharing The Joy 

Photography is a great way to share the joy of glory with others. Through photography, we can capture the moments that make us proud and fulfilled, such as achieving our goals, overcoming our challenges, or receiving recognition. Photography can also help us share our joy of glory with others by inspiring them, congratulating them, or acknowledging them. Photography can also remind us of the joy of glory that we have experienced and encourage us to pursue more of it.

Edoardo Mortara 

Association Chœur De Chambre Du Maroc

Voice Warming Session

Renaissance And Baroque Music Concert 

Directed by Amine HADEF

2022 Casa Sawt

Sharing Cultures

Music and photography are two forms of art that can convey the essence and diversity of cultures. Through music, we can express the emotions, stories, and values of different cultures and create a common language that transcends boundaries. Through photography, we can capture the beauty, complexity, and uniqueness of different cultures and showcase their traditions, lifestyles, and challenges. Music and photography can also stimulate curiosity, empathy, and respect for other cultures and encourage dialogue and collaboration among people. By sharing our music and photographs with others, we can invite them to discover and appreciate the richness of human cultures and learn from their insights and experiences. 

Adnane Matroune